Bike Enthusiasts Engagement | Saint Edwards Park | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Stacy & Jon

These two wanted to incorporate their shared love of biking into their engagement session. What better way to do so then with a Tandem Bike with doily covered seats? When Stacy started to share her crafty ideas for the engagement session, I got SO JAZZED. She hand created and designed the "Save the Date" sign that's on the back of the tandem bike. She's so creative and talented! 

But getting back to their love of biking, Jon proposed in Saint Edwards Park right before one of their biking outings. Talk about a unique proposal. LOVE IT! 

I can't wait 'til their wedding this summer at Green Gates at Flowing Lake. Stacy has a pinterest board FULL of amazing ideas and I just know she's going to put her own personal touch to each one of them. (She's totally a younger/hotter Martha Stewart) Are you jealous yet, cause I TOTES am? Stay tuned for their wedding photos in August, it's sure to be inspiring!.