ALBUM SALE! | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Digitals are great, but having something to wrap your arms around is even better.

It's about creating an heirloom for generations to come.

 B. Jones Photography

Leather Album Sale! 10% until 12/15/14. no promo code necessary. 

It's so important to invest in a high quality album.

You will be so excited the day your wedding album arrives. You’ll look at it over and over again, and it will probably feel like one of the most valuable things you’ve ever owned. But the true value of your album will come into play many years down the road. Imagine showing it to your kids! Imagine being able to show them how amazing you both looked and tell them all about how the story of their family first began. That’s when it’s really worth the investment. Your album truly is your very first family heirloom, meant to be shared and past along for generations.

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