Behind The Scenes: What to Wear While Shooting a Wedding

As a wedding photographer, from the minute you walk in the door 'til you give the bride & groom the last hug goodbye, you're surrounded by potential future clients. This means that not only do you need act professional and confident, but you also need to look the part. For me, this means looking fabulous. This can be tricky because I am potentially standing on chairs, bending over and laying on the ground to get just the right shot. However, I'm not willing to sacrifice my first impressions for the sake of practicality. Yes, I could wear black pants and a black top and look just fine. But I want to make a lasting impression! 

My go to moves when getting dressed for a wedding.

-Pick a cotton dress that is an A-line style in a pattern or dark colors. The A-line fit means that I can move easier. The dark colors or patterns are wonderful because they don't show dirt and dust when I get up off the ground from "getting the shot." I also like to choose something with a conservative neckline so when I'm bending over, I'm not giving anyone a free show. 

-Bring a cardigan. It's great for throwing on during a church ceremony or a chilly outdoor reception.

-Ballet flats! So comfortable yet stylish.

-Spandex shorts. Just in case. ;)

-Wear a statement necklace. It immediately dresses up any look and takes it to the next level. 

-As Katelyn James says, "When in doubt, dress like a nice guest"