Featured Wedding Vendor: Elizabeth Marie Makeup

Elizabeth Marie Makeup

Elizabeth Marie Makeup

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got started as a makeup artist?

My name is Elizabeth Marie Hayes. I am a newlywed, makeup artist, child of Christ, coffee enthusiast, theater nerd, and lover of all things pretty. Not necessarily in that order. The "romance" with makeup artistry started early. I started wearing makeup (whatever I thought I could get away with) at the ripe age of 10. It was inevitable when my family became heavily involved in a local community theater that I found myself being drawn to the makeup aspects of performing. By the time I was 16, I had done all my girl friends makeup, a few guy friends, my mom, sister, dad, and brother, plus anyone else who would let me near their face with a brush (perks of having a theater family). I was in love. Since then, I decided to go to CAMMUA school of makeup for some real learning, which is where I added Airbrushing to my bag of tricks. After returning, I set up shop and set out to prove to everyone I could actually make a go of this "hobby" as a profession.


How would you describe your style?

Creative. Original. Beautiful. As a makeup artist, my goal is to have every one of my clients look in the mirror and love themselves. My job is not to cover them up or make them look like someone else. It is finding creative ways to play up their personality and their favorite features to a point where their confidence out shines my work.


What kinds/brands of products do you use?

My specialty is airbrushing, and for this I use Temptu products. I love Temptu because it is non-comedogenic, long lasting, lightweight, and flawless in person as well as on camera. In my opinion, the perfect bridal makeup! Everything else in my kit ranges from Ben Nye to Benefit, from Mac to Makeup Forever. I am a huge believer in trying new products and keeping what suits your needs the best.


Why is professional makeup so important for weddings?

Most brides would never think about doing their own hair, so why wouldn't they trust their makeup to a professional as well? A professionally trained artist brings to the table years of experience, quality products, and the expertise to apply those products to achieve the exact look the bride has envisioned for her big day. It also takes away the stress of worrying about the makeup and replaces it with a relaxing and fun experience leaving them looking and feeling beautiful. 


What happens during a Preview Session?

I am an on site artist, so the first thing that happens is I show up at the bride to be's door, she don't have to go anywhere. We then look through photos together; I pick out what trends/looks she is leaning towards, keeping her personal style and daily routine in mind. I then create a full, personalized look, along the way asking questions about how she likes her eyeliner, does she wear blush on a day to day basis, what tones does she feel she looks best in, ect. Soon we have a custom look based on the bride's inspirations and personality.


How soon before the wedding do you recommend starting makeup?

I like to block about 45 minutes per face. Usually the process will take less, but this gives me a little leeway in case anyone is late (it is a wedding after all). Plus, if we finish early it gives the bride some time to breathe on a crazy wonderful day.


Does the bride need to bring anything special for her makeup?

For the most part, just her beautiful, makeup free, moisturized face! If she has a specific product or shade she loves, then by all means bring it! Anything extra just helps me get a better feel of what exactly she would like.

What is your favorite part of bridal and make-up?

I know this is cheesy, but I love seeing the reaction when we are finished and they get to see themselves! I enjoy makeup and the creativity of it all, but I really love meeting all these wonderful ladies and seeing that added sparkle in their eye when they look in the mirror. There is no better high.


What tips would you give brides to maximize their makeup?

If they have chosen the airbrushing, most brides don't have to worry about upkeep. There is the obvious, drink through a straw, dab your tears instead of rubbing them, and don't scratch at the makeup. But for the most part, bridal makeup should be worry free.


How soon should a bride book and confirm her makeup artist?

As soon as possible! I will often have brides contact me only a few months from their wedding and I have to turn them down due to lack of availability. This is something to be especially mindful of if the wedding is in peak wedding season. Washington weather doesn't give us much time, so those nice weather months (Ahem, August) book up often a year in advance.


Any last tips or suggestions?

Your wedding day is going to be amazing, no matter how stressful or just plain nuts things may seem. Relax, breathe, and treat yourself to a little pampering!

Elizabeth Marie Makeup

Wedding Airbrush Makeup


Price Range: $65.00-125.00