For the Grooms

Woodmark Hotel Seattle Waterfront Wedding, Seattle Wedding Photo

When I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted ALOT of pictures. I blocked out 6 hours for photos before even walking down the aisle. My poor Mr. Jones. His attitude was that of most grooms. "I'm not really into this picture thing, but if it makes my wife happy..." (How did I get so lucky?!) He ascribes to the mantra, "Happy wife, Happy life." That's the best advice anyone could have given him. ;)

But seriously, you probably won't have that many hours of pictures prior to your ceremony. Unless your fiancé requests it. ;) Most couples do 2-4 hours of photos either before or after the ceremony.

Wedding pictures can be daunting. You want to look your best. Most guys are nervous and unthrilled about the thought of taking so many pictures. I get it, I make a lot of unattractive faces too. But thats ok, you're never going to see THOSE photos. I take soooo many photos during your big day. I capture you in the best light where you're lookin like that stud out of GQ magazine. Any "bad" or "awkward" photos get deleted during the editing process. When people look your wedding pictures, they are going to see how handsome and charming you are. No doubt, comments will ensue, "What a catch! She sure is a lucky girl!"

So breathe a sigh of a relief, take a shot of tequila if you must and let's do this! You'll have these photos for the rest of your life and they're going to be epic!