40 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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1.      Write your own vows. One of the ultimate and most popular ways to add personalization. All of your friends and family are there to celebrate you two as a couple, why not make it even more special by sharing a piece of your heart?

2.      Have an alternative guest book. Jenga anyone?

3.      “If it’s not moving, monogram it” Reese Witherspoon. ‘nough said

4.      His and her signature drinks. What’s your favorite? Could be a cocktail. Could be a wine. Could be beer, opportunities are endless. It doesn’t even have to be alcohol! Could be a favorite punch or soda.

5.      Create a “Love Story” sign. How did you meet? How did he propose?

6.      Meet the Maids. Have a small display set up with photos of you with your bridesmaids and how you met.

7.      Meet the Men, introducing the groomsmen.

8.      Things you might not know about him sign. This is great for friends and family from the bride’s side. You can add it to the tables or have it on the guest book table.

9.      Things you might not know about her sign. For the groom’s friends and family.

10.  Choreographed first dance. Get your bridal party involved! The more the merrier. Maybe you’ll go viral?

11.  Unity Candle alternatives! We personally had a braiding ceremony at our wedding. I’ve seen sand ceremonies and even a tree planting ceremony.

12.  DIY Favors. What better way to tell your guests thank you than adding a handmade personal touch?

13.  Picture décor. Think beyond the traditional slideshow. Add pictures to the guestbook table, the entryway, even the dessert table! It’s a way to tell your story together without using any words at all.

14.  In Memory Table with family pictures. Have people that you love that couldn’t be there for your big day? What better way to honor them than to give them a special place at your wedding.

15.  Music. Do you have a “song?” Or a favorite artist? Make sure you tell your DJ to showcase it!

Cookies by Flour Dusted Countertops

Cookies by Flour Dusted Countertops

16.  Groom toast. Don’t limit your toasts to just the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Does the groom want to say a few words as well?

17.  Going along with that…what about having a unique toast? Milk and cookies? Hotdogs and coke?

18.  Custom Invitations. With digital printing paving the way of the future, ask your favorite local company to see if they’ll work with you to design your own.

19.  Wedding Website. Introduce your guests to the “vibe” of your wedding before the big day. A great place to add engagement photos and registry information as well.

20.  Alternative cake! Cookies? Cupcakes? Cake pops? Pie? Ice cream? Brownies? What’s your favorite as a couple?

21.  Have your bridesmaids sign your shoes so as you’re walking down the aisle you have their words of encouragement guiding you on your way.

22.  What’s your favorite food? Try to incorporate it! Make sure to have a sign so that your guests know why it’s a part of the wedding

23.  Don’t forget about your song choices. Think about what song you want to use for your entry to your reception. We used a popular theme song everyone would know and was a big part of our relationship together (think…Luke Skywalker…Darth Vadar…and Yoda. Yes, we entered to the Star Wars theme!)

24.  Bridesmaid gifts. They don’t always have to match. Think individual gifts for each girl. How do you want to thank them for being there on your big day?

25.  Groomsmen gifts. See above. Same rules apply!

Bridesmaid Gift- World Market. AlexisMarie Events

26.  Instagram hashtag. Now you can hashtag on Facebook too! This is a great way to find all the photos your guests took and see them all at once as well. Win-win!

27.  Ring pillow. Doesn’t have to be a pillow. Think about the theme of your wedding and how you can incorporate that. Is it rustic? What about a piece of wood burned with your initials and the date? More classic? What about a family heirloom? A bible? Or even something homemade?

28.  Pet involvement. This can be included with number 27. What about adding the rings to your dog’s collar and having him be your ring bearer?

29.  Customize paper products. There are so many options here! Add your name to the cocktail napkins. Customize your paper cups. Add the date. Add your hashtag!

30.  Something blue. Again, a lot of options here. One of my favorites is adding a patch to the inside of your gown with your wedding date. It’s something only you’ll know about but it’s a special memory to keep with you forever.  

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31.  Creative Table numbers. Here’s an idea, add of picture of each you when you were at that age. What a fun way for your guests to share memories as they reflect on the past.

32.  Where are you from? Perhaps add a small dish as a nod to your heritage

33.  Get your friends and family involved! Know a musician? What about your family pastor?

34.  Themed Photobooth. Disney fans? Add some Mickey Mouse ears!

35.  Fancy exit. Are you a sparklers kind of couple or streamers? What about silly string?

36.  Grandparent’s first dance. We’ve all heard of the mother-son, father-daughter dances, but what about giving the grandparents the spotlight?

37.  Serve your guests. Stand behind the buffet line and serve your guests as they come through. It’s a great way to connect with each and every one of them before they leave and shows your gratitude that they came to share your big day with you!

38.  Groom’s cake. This is your opportunity to let him shine! Does he have a favorite sport or hobby? There are so many companies that can do so many creative things,

39.  Take a generations picture. Make sure to get a shot of you, your parents, and your grandparents if you can! Three generations coming together to celebrate this momentous occasion is definitely something to remember and cherish.

40.  Having a late night or winter wedding? Instead of a traditional bar, consider a coffee/cocoa bar. It’ll save you some money and you can customize your own sleeves! We did this at our wedding and it was a hit. People were taking them home with them as souvenirs! 

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