B. Jones: The Associates

I am so excited to introduce the newest additions to the B. Jones team, my associates! These photographers are available to brides & grooms that want the B. Jones experience but are on a tighter budget and couldn't otherwise afford it. My associates are seasoned pro's who have a similar style to me. That being said, I still will do all of the editing to ensure style continuity. 

Couples that choose to go with an associate photographer would receive the same luxury B. Jones experience from start to finish at a more affordable investment. The only difference is that the wedding day would be captured by an associate instead of me.

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The B. Jones Associate Experience


All Associate Packages Include The Following:

8 Hours of Photography with a B. Jones Associate Photographer

Online Gallery with Digital Download (high res)

All Images Edited by B. Jones

Planning Consultation & Custom Timeline

Access to the B. Jones Preferred Vendor List

Keepsake Box & USB

Discounted Annual Anniversary Session

Print Rights

Investment: $2,495 + tax

Meet the Associates: 


Hello! I'm Ashley, and I'm so thrilled to be working with B. Jones Photography's associate program!  I've lived my entire life in the city of Seattle, and I'm in awe of its beauty every single day. I grew up with a family that took a lot of snapshots, and I've got stacks and binders of old photos I took through middle and elementary school of anything and everything you can imagine.

I've always wanted to be a Photographer with a capital P, and decided to dive in to the business when my son was a year old as a way to stay at home with him long-term. Once I shot my first wedding, I was absolutely hooked on the industry and the experiences it's brought me.

My husband and I bought our first home this last year that we share with our mutt, Rufus and just celebrated 5 happy years of marriage. I'm super passionate about clean eating and leading a green lifestyle, and I positively require coffee before any activity in the morning.

I'm so lucky to do what I love, and love what I do. Documenting weddings is truly my calling and I still get butterflies before every single one. My absolute favorite part of the wedding day is just after the ceremony, when all the nervous energy is released and it's time to celebrate! It's such a special time.

What I carry in my Kelly Moore Libby (in emerald green, my favorite color!):

  • Two Canon 5D MKIII camera bodies
  • Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens
  • Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens
  • Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Lens
  • Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art Lens
  • Two Canon 580ex Speedlights


5 Things About Me:

1) I'm a serious homebody on my nights off. My ideal Friday night includes a hot mug of tea and a skin treatment in front of Netflix with my hubby!

2) I'm obsessed with mid century modern architecture and furniture and I'm slowly but surely converting my home over to the MCM style.

3) I'm so lucky to be able to stay at home with my 4 year old, Arlo, and I'm so excited to be expecting my second baby in the new year!

4) The most emotional part of weddings for me is easily the father/daughter dance. I always, always cry!

5) I'm a born and bred Seattleite, and I can't imagine living anywhere else.



Rosanna headshot.jpg

Top 5 Obsessions: 
1. Air plants. I have these little plants tucked in random places all over my home. I love that I only have to give them the occasional mist of water and they just keep on doing their thing. These delightful plants are an incredibly easy way to accentuate your decor, whip up a quick centerpiece and make for a thoughtful gift that anyone will love. 
2. Metal tones. I had a long phase of adoring sterling silver because it so easily goes with everything and now I'm on to a new phase of appreciating the style that gold brings to the table. I especially love finding these metal tones mixed together in lighting fixtures and kitchen hardware (I'm a DIY kind of gal) and anything in a rose gold is sure to grab my attention every time. 
3. Wool. It is no exaggeration that I am "that one gal" that wears knee-high socks under a wool blanket in the peak of summer because it's just never hot enough. I find that wool can also be luxurious in that I collect cozy wool throw blankets to keep in our family room year-round and hoard the wool hats and scarves knitted for me by my sister. 
4. Sorel. If you were to press me hard for a brand that I am most loyal to, it would have to be Sorel. I won't tell you exactly how many Sorelboots and shoes I own, but I will say that I have been loving their designs, fit and quality for many years now. When I get dressed for the day, I often start with the shoe and Sorel never disappoints. 
5. Pinterest. Let's be honest. How did anyone plan anything before there was Pinterest!? I love using this black hole of magic to create boards for planing my daughter's birthday parties (Mary Poppins!) and especially home improvements because I am a DIY junkie. 

About Me: 
Photography is the spicy salsa on my tortilla chips - I always want more! In my other life pursuits, I enjoy being: a mother to our thriving girls, married to a supportive husband, DIY enthusiast, Husky alumni and Seahawks fan, savvy Amazon shopper, goat herder and a budding farmer of five acres. I also love entertaining guests, making art and crafts and being outside as much as possible. 

Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: 
My favorite part of the wedding day is the time set aside for portraits with the couple, whether it's before or after the ceremony, because it always proves to be the most special and least stressful time for them to enjoy each other while taking in the magnitude of the day. No matter the size of a wedding, there is always a hustle and bustle going on all around that makes the time for portraits feel extra special and lends even more photographic creativity. 

What I Carry: 

  • 85mm 1.8
  • 24-70mm 2.8
  • 70-200mm 2.8
  • SB 910
  • Nikon D800
  • 35mm 1.4
  • 50mm 1.4
  • 60mm macro
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