DIY Project: Infinity Scarf Camera Strap

This what happens you you ACCIDENTALLY wake up at the crack of awn (4:45) and the baby wont be up for another 3 hours. You do a DIY project! 

I was on the bloom theory camera strap website swooning over $100+ scarf camera straps and thinking about making an impulse buy when I thought, "I COULD TOTALLY MAKE THAT!" 

I tip toed into the master closet (while my handsome hubby was snoozing) and grabbed an infinity scarf that I loved and had only worn a few times. (I got it for $12 on zoolily!) and this is what I did

  1. Cut the scarf in half. Roughly 32 inches long
  2. Scrunched the end into a ball and put two stitched to secure the scrunches.
  3. I cut two pieces of seersucker fabric with pinking sheers (4x2inches) and looped them through my clasps and sewed them into the scrunched ends of the scarf. I would double stitch this portion to ensure it's secure!
  4. cut two more pieces of seersucker fabric (4X2 inches) with pinking sheers. Fold each one in half along the short edge and put a stitch in it so you've got two loops
  5. Put each loop over the place where the scarf the and seersucker clasps attach. Then hand stitch a to secure your loop. SUPER EASY! and you're done!
DIY Scarf Camera Strap

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