Featured Wedding Vendor: Streets of Gold a Hair & Makeup Duo

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Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got started as a makeup artist/ hair stylist?


Elizabeth: Makeup was always a fun way for me to be bold without saying anything. An introvert by nature, I might be the quietest person in the room, but I’ll talk about makeup for days! The business began because I was determined to do something I loved for a living, or at least give it a shot. Elizabeth Marie Makeup was founded over 4 years ago, after a short (and very intense) course in makeup down in California. With the help of many wonderful wedding vendors (Becca being one of them!), my little business grew faster than I knew what to do with. Now partnering with Erika to create TheStreetsofGold.net, we are able to grow creatively in a whole new way!


Erika: Let’s start simple. I knew when I graduated high school that I didn’t want to go to college, I also had no interest in joining the family business of electrical workers, so I struck out on my own and decide to try cosmetology  school! I loved it and now I’ve been doing hair for two years! It’s such a fun job! I am constantly learning and getting be creative! The blog has also given me more of a chance to step out of the box with some of our fashion work we get to do!

Describe your ideal bride.

The perfect Streets of Gold bride would be a B. Jones bride of course!

Honestly though, we look for someone who feels a connection with us and our style. Someone who is not afraid to be herself and gives us the privilege of translating her personality into her wedding hair and makeup! One of the ways we are able to build that personal relationship with our brides is by including a trial run in every bridal package. We love it when brides are honest about the way they feel they look. We highly encourage them to let us know if they would like something changed or adjusted. Every bride deserves to feel 100% herself and love every bit of it! Trials make it possible for the bride to try out the styles she has chosen, then when the day finally arrives she doesn’t have to worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the pampering!

Why should a bride have professional make up applied for their big day?

Even brides who are typically natural on a day to day basis can very much benefit from hiring a pro. This is someone who will be using high quality products specifically designed to last all day, and all night. A professional will know what is flattering on camera (and what isn’t!), and is trained to bring out the best features in their clients. Hiring a pro will also ensure all the ladies are beautified in a timely manner as well as have a sanitary and safe kit. It’s our job to make you look and feel as beautiful as possible, but it’s also our job to keep you, you.  

Together we have put our hair and makeup skills to the test through all kinds of wind, rain, heat, sweat, time, you name it! Our looks hold up impressively well, so there is no stress about things falling apart after our job is done. Our goal as a team, is to give every bride the ultimate hair and makeup experience! Hair styling paired with airbrush makeup designed uniquely around you and your style. And we’re having a grand time doing it!

Is it a good idea to do a trial run before my wedding day?

Trial runs are always a yes! I always advice my brides to schedule a trial run, and most of them are happy to do it. You get to try out and preview the hair for your wedding. ( and having someone play with your hair is always fun! ) This way, on the day of the wedding, you can totally relax, because you already know exactly what it will look like!

What do I do if I hate how I look after you finish?

And this is why we do the trial run. To figure this all out before the actual wedding day! I love it when brides are honest about how they feel they look. I will be the first to tell them that if they don’t like something, don’t be afraid to tell me! It will not hurt my feelings! I am most concerned about how you feel about how you look in the hairstyle. You can just tell when there is something not right about the hair, it makes it harder for the bride to be comfortable in her entire ensemble and that is what I am most concerned about.

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