This one is for the Mamas

Hey Mama— I see you with the 3 day old dry shampood hair and the ‘going out’ leggings. YOU are my people. As mama’s— we tend to take care of others first. There’s ALWAYS something our kids or spouses need for us and it’s easy to put ourselves on the back burner. As someone who has been guilty of this FOR YEARS, let me just say, adding in a little self care time everyday or a few times a week will be TRANSFORMATIVE to your overall happiness. One of my favorite varieties of self care is getting in a sweaty workout. The endorphins it gives me are enough to have me shrugging off toddler meltdowns and sibling bickering.

From one mama to another— here’s a neat opportunity for workout self-care that I want to share with you.

I got 99 problems but I’m going to the gym to ignore them all..png

70% of people that start a fitness plan QUIT.

Except you.

Not this time.

Together, we’ll crush this!

Hi I am Marqie and I have the energy of a puppy. I’m also a personal trainer and specialize in growing self❤love and reaching more than just the norm "diet and weight loss" goals.

My private gym is YOUR home away from home. We have 3 individual studios with all the latest equipment to get you sweating and transformed from nothing fits to feeling fit!

Here, you are part of the family.

We cater to all fitness levels.

We offer 15+ programs to guide you through your own choice of transformation:

  • group fitness

  • weight loss programs

  • Master trainer

  • Couples fitness

  • private personal training

  • yoga

  • nutrition coaching

  • cold compressed juice cleanses

  • monthly challenges

  • Mommy & Me Fitness

  • luxurious retreats

  • yearly events

Are you ready for self love? We have a special announcement for you!

Look no further, we are offering a FREE training for a YEAR!

Yes, you read that right.

To qualify— commit to a 1 year contract with 5 of your closest support friends.

The bigger the support, the fonder the heart grows!

So, What is on your life bucket list? What's holding you back from achieving this? Come share it,  hang out, laugh, cry, sweat and begin your journey today with me.