Goals for 2016: Life of a Wedding Photographer

Limit my daily coffee intake to 2 cups. It's getting a little out of control. I'm averaging 3 cups a day and my body isn't responding well. Time for an intervention!

Re-read my copy of Jose Villa's Fine Art Wedding Photography . I adore his fine art style and haven been trying to emulate it all year. I even shot my first role of actual film this year! Fujii 400! Unfortunately, I am STILL too nervous to look at the film scans I got back. I should probably make it a 2016 goal to actually look at those.

Improve my "use of light" -- Natural & Flash. I attended the United Conference this past fall and was super inspired by the Justin & Mary Mini Lighting Intensive. I'm excited to study their lighting approach for weddings & engagement sessions. I created this shot the week after I attended the lighting intensive.  Just looking at it makes me feel proud. I've always been intimidated by situations that required manufactured light and this lighting intensive helped give me the nudge to jump in deeper.

Get a handle on impulse buying for the business. Amazon prime is my secret addiction. 2-day shipping makes it so easy to 'just buy it.' 

I could die happy if I were published by Style Me Pretty. I submitted 7 weddings & styled shoots this year to the infamous wedding blog and was turned down 7 times. However, I think this is going to be my year! I've got 3 top secret styled shoots that I'm hoping will entice SMP. If nothing else, at least they'll look on instagram? Shameless plug: Follow me, @bjonesphotos

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Optimize my social media time. Holy balls, facebook is such a time suck! I could kill an entire nap time (2.5-3 hrs) on facebook just creeping on other peoples profiles. I'm going to keep myself accountable by allowing myself 20 min per day for facebook and staying off the FB app on my phone. I should probably just delete the app, but let's be real. That'll last 24 hrs and then I'll download it again. Let's just start with good intentions and see where we get.

Blog more frequently. To be exact, I will be releasing a new blog post once a week. Ugh. That sounds like a big time commitment but from what I've heard, blogging leads to better google rankings. And a better google ranking leads to more page views. More page views means more inquiries...blah blah blah. You get it. Blogging is the next logical step to increasing my business. Maybe I can out source my blogging. Any takers? Email me! ;)

Lose weight/work out more/healthy lifestyle change. The basic new years resolution. But seriously, being in better shape would lead to better wedding day stamina & self confidence. This adds up to a more conducive mindset for creating art. And possibly the chance to shop for new "work clothes." Wooohooo, let's make a lifestyle change! Spam me with your favorite diets/lifestyles and workouts. I've heard good things about Whole30. Thoughts?

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