Thank-You Note Ettiquete from the Wedding Insider

You did it!

You made it through the months of planning and stressing.  You ate your cake and drank your champagne.  The honeymoon is over and you get to come home and unwrap all the beautifully decorated gifts your guests bought for you.  Bliss.  After you’re done fawning over your fantastic new Vitamix, and 800 thread-count sheets, it sets in: the realization that you now must write thank-you notes for all of this bounty.  Sure, it’s daunting, but it’s nothing to fear.  A well-written thank-you note doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, in fact, the simpler the better.

Generations of brides-to-be have looked to Emily Post to guide them through their weddings with grace and poise.  Emily says you should have that note written the day you get the gift. I have to say, she’s a little off base with this one.  There is nothing wrong with being on top of it, and if you can get your cards done that day, my hat’s off to you.  But, no one will begrudge you when, three months later, they get a personally written thank-you note.  Newlyweds are busy!  Besides, waiting until you’ve had a moment to enjoy their gift gives you a little something to say about it!

    Now, you have your stationary, your envelopes are addressed.  What do you write?  Thank-you notes are just that, notes.  Don’t feel like you need to express your levels of profound gratitude with a novella.  Knowing that you are appreciative of the gift they picked out for you (whether on your registry or not) is all most people want. 

Try a simple:

Dear Christie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful pitcher you bought us.  It’s been a perfect addition to our Sunday Brunch table. It was  great seeing you at the wedding.  Hope to see you again soon!
Love, Robin and Mark

Short, sweet, and a tiny touch of personalization.  Trust me, Christie is imagining you pouring orange juice from it right now.

A couple more things to keep in mind.  It isn’t just the guests you gave you gifts you need to thank.  Be sure to send a quick card out to your attendants, vendors, anyone who hosted parties for you, the host of your wedding.  They worked hard to make sure your day went just the way you dreamed it would, they deserve it (even if you paid them).   Even if you gave your bridal party gifts, they still should get a note thanking them for the gift they brought.

Lastly, when it comes time to address your note, include the names of everyone who it’s from.  Even if you know that your Aunt Karon did all the shopping and wrapping while you’re Uncle Carl was told what the gift was on the way to the venue, it’s from them both.  

Now say goodbye to all your wedding day responsibilities and get onto enjoying your new life as a married couple! Congrats!