The Survival Guide

Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency 101: How to Create a Survival Kit

You planned your big day. The flowers are waiting, the champagne is chilled, and your hair is done. No matter how much you plan, something that isn’t written on your ‘Day of Packet’ will inevitably happen and you need to be prepared. What saved me was having a Survival Kit ready for any unplanned instances - like my hook and eye breaking. Yes - it happened. My 20-pound tulle sweetheart necklined princess dress broke. But because we had a survival kit close by, crisis was averted and I could enjoy the rest of the best day of my life. 

Here are a few key things that you need in your survival kit: 

  1. Mini Sewing Kit - this is essential. The compact size makes it easy to fit in any bag.
  2. Deodorant - this can double as an antiperspirant AND help with chafing. Put some under your arms to prevent your beaded bodice from destroying your arms. 
  3. Granola Bars - It will save you from getting hangry. Just make sure they are mostly protein and not much sugar. 
  4. Mini bottles of alcohol - Just incase. ;)
  5. Tampons/Panty Liners - If it doesn’t happen to you, chances are that it will happen to someone. 
  6. Blotting papers - These will come in handy during a summer wedding. No one wants a greasy bride. 
  7. Medicine -  Just for the normal stuff… headaches, antacid, allergies. It’s better to be prepared! 
  8. Tissues - For those happy tears and possible whoopsies with a mascara wand. 
  9. Super Glue - For broken nails, headbands, shoes… you never know what it could help save. 
  10. Clear Nail Polish - For stocking runs and last minute nail touch ups. 
  11. Hairspray - For mini hair emergencies. 
  12. Lint Roller - Just incase the groom needs to touch up before the ceremony.
  13. Wisps - For that last minute breath check. These are my favorite - they work so much better than mints or gum!
  14. Fashion Tape - You won’t know when you might need a quick fix for a hemline or bra strap on your maid. 
  15. Shout Wipes - Just in case you accidently spill red wine on your dress during the reception. 

No matter what happens, you cannot always be fully prepared for what life throws at you at your wedding, but you can try! The best advice anyone can give you is have fun!! Remember, this day only comes once in your life!