-The Experience-

As a #bjonesbride, you get the FULL experience

Love In Motion | A Ballet Inspired Wedding

I strive to create the kind of art that you would hang on your wall, even if you aren't the bride & groom.

My style reflects the reality of the moment. I am also a strong proponent of making my subjects feel beautiful. My style is more than editing, it's an experience that will leave you feeling stunning and breathless.In ordered to create beautiful "candid" photos that feel effortless and look flattering, I believe it is my job to do a bit of light posing and tweaking. As you are putting on your wedding dress, I'll pick a spot in the room that has the best light and tell you to look over your shoulder and lock eyes with your mom as she buttons the gown so that you two can have a moment. During the official "formal" section of the photos, I'll pick a location with lovely lighting and get you guys posed and give you prompts and adjustments so that you look natural, radiant and effortless. :) For the ceremony & reception, I take more of a photo journalistic approach and act as more of a "fly on the wall."