Seattle Wedding Photographers

For Couples who love the sea.

Camera shy? Then I’m your photographer!

Love some sparkle? Then I’m DEFINITELY your photographer!

But for REAL - my nerdy banter and posing style will put you and your fiancé(e) at ease and make you feel FABULOUS.

Your bridal party photos will be worthy of a spread in VOGUE and we’ll quickly churn through all those Mom-requested family photos with EASE.

I promise to literally (and figuratively) HOLD YOUR HAND through the whole process. Leading up to your wedding, you’ll hear from me frequently - checking in with photography advice and being available because I’ve GOT YOU. Timely communication is KEY and I promise it will be full of ZEST, GIFS, and plenty exclamation points!! 😘🎉💁🏼‍♀️

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Hey! I’m Becca!

A PNW lifer, wife, Mama of two little men, lover of glitter+glam, watcher of football, and wedding enthusiast. Part sparkle+sass, part nerdy business owner, and part “family is life”. When I’m not daydreaming of weddings, I’m busy making memories with family, being a loyal friend, and enjoying the beautiful place we live.

Fun Facts:

My Proposal: Hubby proposed on a cliff overlooking the ocean while we were on a little getaway to Seaside, Or. We hiked to the top of this lookout point and hopped the fence for a better view. He got down on one knee and started with, "You know you're my best friend right?..." the rest of his speech was a happy blur. 

Secret to a happy marriage: Frequent date nights to local breweries. <3

Favorite Weekend Activity: Hiking!

Guilty Habits: The "Buy it now" button on Amazon Prime

Footwear of Choice: Boat Shoes


I've been blessed to have been published by some of the most prestigious wedding blogs in the industry.

95% of my weddings are published at least once. 

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When the big day is over, the guests have gone home, and you're enjoying the last glass of champagne - you remember your Wedding Day as a blur of magical feelings.

Then you receive your wedding images and it all comes flooding back in vivid detail:

The way he looked at you when he saw you for the first time

the tears your mom cried as you walked down the aisle

the fullness of love you shared in those first moments after "I do"

the immense gratitude and joy you felt during each sentimental wedding toast.

It's all there in your wedding images and the story of your special day is told one. by. one. in your custom heirloom quality album.

Having tangible memories that you can wrap your arms around means you don't have to worry about finding those digital files to remember your day. It means reliving the best day of your life is at your fingertips, and sharing it with friends, family, and future generations is just a step away.

Curious about the investment?