Wedding Insider: How to Do a Smokey Eye

Can we talk about how much I (B. Jones) love Elizabeth Marie Makeup!? This girl is amazing and totally my go to for any wedding, boudoir or portrait session makeup. She's such a doll and totally taught me how to do a smokey eye. So in the season of thankfulness and giving, Elizabeth and I teamed up to share this little 'How To' with all of you!

The Insider secrets from Elizabeth Marie Makeup:

"Splashes of vibrant metallic color were one of the hottest trends appearing on the runways (including Donna Karen and Emporio Armani) for Fall 2014. One way to bring the runway into your everyday life is to do a light metallic smokey eye for daytime. Then just add a few touches to take it directly to a sultry smokey look for a night out! Metallic bronzes and golds are generally amazing with just about any skin tone, and give that perfect little bit of glow without having to go full on glitter.

You will need:

  • Eye shadow primer
  • 4 shades of eye shadow in the same color family (I used a mixture of Ben Nye and Inglot)
  • black eye liner
  • black mascara
  • rose colored blush
  • a nude lip color

Get The Look:

Prep the eye with an eye shadow primer. I used Color Tattoo 24 eye shadow in Barely Branded. Don't be afraid to use drug store makeup, some of it matches or rises above their name brand counterparts at a fraction of the cost! 

Pat your lightest color (I used a warm white tone) into the inner corner of the eye and sweep it under the brow. 


Again, using a patting motion, use your next darkest color (I used a rosy gold tone) over your lid, blending into the crease. 

Take your next darkest color (bronze) and make a sideways "v" shape, connecting the outer half of your lower lash line to the outer corner of your eye and then blend into the crease.

TIP: For a soft day time look you should barely be able to see the crease color when your eye is open, for a more dramatic look all you have to do is blend the color a little bit higher!

To take the "smokey" goodness a bit farther, take the darkest color of the 4 (black) and make a smaller version of the previous "v" to deepen the outer corner of the eye.

Next add a strong gel liner (I used one from Elf, another drug store goodie) blending into your lashes and also brush into your water line. The water line (top and bottom rim of your eye) is a great way to wear black liner without looking too dark. Especially when paired with a lighter/brighter eye shadow underneath. I used my 2nd darkest color under the eyes for Jenna, with a touch of the 3rd on the outer corners for some drama.

To finish off the look add mascara, some rosy blush, and your favorite nude lip color for day. But don't forget to pack a deep wine color for later!

To see more of Elizabeth beautiful work check out her website!