Featured Wedding Vendor: Sprinkled In Seattle


Q: Favorite color palette for this season?

A: Anything with shades of coral or blush pink! Coral is HUGE right now
and paired with gray it adds the right balance of masculine and feminine.
2014 wedding color trends are definitely thriving on soft, romantic



Q: What's the most important piece of advice you can offer a bride?

A: Take a few moments after your ceremony to be alone with your other
half! Weddings are emotional, stressful and tiring and those few minutes
can really help rejuvenate you and get you ready for the reception!



Q: How do you help brides who are on a tight budget create their dream wedding?

A: As an event planner, I have access to exclusive discounts from other

vendors. Many times I have saved my clients more money than they actually
spent hiring me as I am fluent with price negotiation and coming up with
strategic ways to save money.



Q: How can you personalize your wedding in an easy way?

A: Don't be afraid to infuse your personalities into your wedding day!
Write your own vows, pick songs that are meaningful or so small DIY

One of our past couples loves to travel so for each of their centerpieces
they picked a place they had visited together and used souvenirs from that
particular place to decorate. It was super cool! Another of our couples
had a vintage-meets-Doctor-Who theme; it was memorable and perfect for



Q: How can you keep the reception exciting?

A: Surprise your guests with something fun and unique! During one of my
favorite weddings from 2013, the bride and groom surprised their guests by
performing a karaoke song at the end of the night. They sang a popular
song but completely tailored the lyrics to fit them 100%. It was rad.



Q: What is the most important aspect to consider when choosing vendors?

A: Find someone you and your fiancé are completely comfortable with!
Planners, photographers and videographers especially will be working
closely with you both (as well as your friends/family) so having someone
you enjoy being with for 8+ hours is crucial!

Sprinkled in Seattle

Sprinkled in Seattle

Wedding Design & Coordinator



Price Range: $1,100.00 - $3,500.00