Aria Sky Suites & Retreat at Charleston Peak Wedding | Brittany & David's Las Vegas Elopement

There are a lot of wedding venues in Las Vegas and this was my FIRST TIME experiencing the Las Vegas strip and Mount Charleston! But when it comes to Brittany & David’s 

Aria Skye Suites & Retreat on Charleston Peak Wedding

This is a wedding weekend I’ll never forget. Britt and David personally picked me up from the airport and welcomed me like family. <3 I spent the rest of the afternoon with them lounging in their Aria Resort sky suite that had an UNREAL view of the mountains and the strip. These two included me in all their festivities, even gifting me one of the ‘bride tribe’ hats that the bridal party was rocking. At one point brittany turned to me and said, “I just love you, you’re like that best friend that is so easy to hang out and you don’t have to impress.” The feeling is mutual my dear! The whole weekend felt like this. It was humbling to feel so loved.

I started my morning at the Vdara hotel and strolled across the plaza to the Aria where Brittany was getting ready in their infamous sky suites. On my way, I passed David, their son Ian. Ian was adorably babbling on about his Ninetendo DS and David looked on adoringly. They had just come from the pool and were going to get dressed in matching grey suits & burgundy bow ties.

Walking through the Aria lobby was a feast for the eyes and my camera! It’s full of every kind of art you’d ever want to see in a high end Vegas hotel along the strip. Brittany said she watched 23 hours worth of videos on hotels along the vegas strip and chose the Aria Resort & Spa because it’s known for it’s world class art & sculptures. (Britt & I share the same ocd planning gene. hah!) We ended up doing quite a few portraits of Brittany, Ian and her adoring parents throughout the Promenade in the Aria Hotel.

After hair & makeup was completed by Elwynn & Cass in the skye suite, Brittany doned her blue sole Betsey Johnson heals, a veill and not much else for some romantic boudoir photos near the tinted windows overlooking the vegas strip. “Omg. she’s so gorgeous! She looks like barbie!” I overheard a bridesmaid say. Once we zipper her into her lace wedding gown, David’s mama fastened her vintage pearls onto Britt and the brides mama read a special wedding day prayer. I may have cried. Jus sayin.

Once we were ready for depart for the ceremony & reception at

The Retreat on Charleston Peak Wedding 

a party bus rolled up to transport David and the bridal part to the top of Mount Charleston. After rounding up some straggling groomsmen, the party bus finally arrived at the venue, 1.5 hrs late. My heart broke for this couple. They had planned so well and were on an already tight timeline. The silver lining of the delay is that the ceremony site was now perfectly lit with golden sunset lighting. SWOON. We had driven through the dessert and they married in a ponderosa pine forest  What a VIEW from the deck overlooking Mount Charleston!! The couples little boy, Ian, escorted the moms down the aisle followed by the bridal party. These two opted to forgo a first look and see each for the first time as Brittany walked down the aisle surrounded by golden lit mountains. The moment was MAGIC. The ceremony officiant, Peachy Keen Unions, created one of the most charming, thoughtful and well spoken ceremonies I’ve ever photographed.

As they were walking back up the aisle as Husband & Wife, Ian sprinted to David’s side, grabbed his hand and the three of them finished the recessional as a beautifully blended family. If there were any dry eyes after this moment, I didn’t see them. <3

Their planner, Las Vegas Elopements, set up the most beautifully decorated cake table and we all toasted the happy couple with champagne as they cut their cake. They did their first dances overlooking the mountains as their friends & family watched emotionally. At this point, we were still about 1.5 hrs behind schedule due to the late departure and the light was fading FAST. We still had to do bridal party photos, ALL the family photos and the couples portraits. Thankfully, I am well oiled portrait machine and was able to churn through ALL the photos they requested in HALF the time. I took charge with my ‘mom’ voice and together we created photos they can cherish for a lifetime. After a brief dinner & toasts in the Aspen room at the Retreat at Charleston Peak , we hopped on the party bus and it got CRAY. At Brittany’s request, we cranked up the song “this and that.” It was the perfect end to their Vegas elopement.

A little story from the bride:

On their first date, 10 minutes in, David said:

“I’m going to marry you.”

To which she thought, no, I don’t know you, pull this car over. 

6 yrs later and they tied the knot. 

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