Deception Pass Wedding Anniversary Photos

It’s never too late to take your wedding photos! These two had an intimate elopement style wedding two years ago and opted to have an auntie with a nice camera capture their wedding day memories. They photos they received documented the events and occasion of the day but weren’t the style of images our couple longed to hang in their home. They wanted artistic and romantic images from an epic location. Two years after exchanging vows and becoming legally wed, they got all gussied up and met me at

The Deception Pass Bridge & North Bridge

We started on the Whidbey island side and took in the jaw dropping and nearly pants peeing views. We slipped and slidded down rock faces under the bridge for a few waterview & sunsoaked images. After a quick outfit change, we hiked to the beach with expansive views of the channel and the pink setting sun.

They danced, embraced & strolled. It was like magic.