Packing for The Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon tips

Nice work, you two lovebirds.  You’re married now (crazy, right?!)  It’s honeymoon time.  You picked out a location months ago, bought the tickets, now you just need to figure out what you’re packing. Keep it simple.  Cold weather honeymoon or warm weather, I’ve got your essentials.

Keeping it Cool


Stay warm outside

A cold weather climate may be your thing, but I highly doubt being cold is.  Be sure to bring things like a warm coat, gloves, wool socks, a couple of scarves, and a hat or two.  I love wearing a color neutral coat and then dressing it up with different color scarves to separate the outfits.  You’ll be taking a lot of outdoor photos, and it’s nice to switch it up a bit.  Then, be sensible with your shoes.  Bring a good pair of hiking/outdoor/water-resistant shoes that can get you through any adventure you decide to take on.

Hand warmers and foot warmer packets are such a nice thing to have, as well.  These small packs radiate heat for a couple of hours and are such an inexpensive luxury when you’re out in the cold.  Bring a thermos while you are at it.  Having some hot cocoa/spiked apple cider/coffee at the ready will make you want to stay out even longer.  Or if you’re going to be out away from town at dinner, you can order some soup to go from a local restaurant and dine in the great outdoors.

Cozy inside

Wool socks are a fantastic way to keep your feet warm, but there is something about slipping your feet into a snug pair of slippers that just screams “I’m toasty & pampered.”  You could even get a new pair of his and hers monogrammed especially for the honeymoon.  And even though you are honeymooning during the cold season, bring your swimsuit and a cover up.  Odds are you are going to want to go for a swim in an indoor pool or relax in a hot tub while you’re playing.  After all, nothing feels better on your muscles after a long day outside than a nice soak.


Any trip I go on, I have to bring my headphones.  It can be hard to unwind when you can’t tune the world out.  Download a couple of audiobooks and put your feet up by the fire, or just tune out to your favorite album.  Another idea I love is to bring a few movies.  Sometimes you just want to stay inside. So, throw some favorites on a jump drive or upload them onto your tablet.  This one is also a nice go-to when your in-flight movies aren’t available, and that happens more often than it should.  If you enjoy playing games together, bring one of your favorite small board games and unplug.

Finally, bring a small bookbag along with you.  It’ll help you stay out longer, and it’ll look suitable on either you or your husband, so no one is stuck lugging around a big purse.


The combination of hot fires, cold weather, and warming cocktails is nothing short of a dream.  It’s a bit of a nightmare for your skin, though.  Save your skin and lips and bring along some ultra-hydrating lip balm and lotion.  A couple of travel size bottles should do.

Warm Weather Honeymoon


Play Outside

If you live in much more than a swimsuit, cover-up and sandals, I won't blame you.  Warm weather honeymoons mean you really can pack light.  But, be sure to bring a couple of swimsuits, a cover up, a sunhat, and some slide on sandals.  Two pairs of sunglasses are key.  There is a decent chance, while you are splashing around in the water with your love that those babies can go flying.  And unless you’re lightning quick they’ll be gone with the current almost instantly.  Bring a back-up pair.  But most importantly, take your sunscreen regimen seriously.  A sunburn can ruin your honeymoon and your skin in one fell swoop.  Aloe can’t hurt, either.

A big tote should also be on your list.  Aside from a clutch for dinners out, you’re going to find yourself reaching for that tote bag for every outing.  Pick one that will dry out quickly to keep things from getting damaged.

Around Town

You have so many cute pairs of shoes, I know.  They’re adorable.  Most of them also have TERRIBLE support.  Bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.  Getting around on your own two feet is half the fun of enjoying wherever it is you’ve decided to spend your honeymoon.  If nothing else, grab a set of arch support insoles for your ballet flats.  Don’t forget your strapless bra!  You packed all these cute summer dresses, and your bra has no place peeking out.

Pack your favorite water bottle; a vacuum insulated one if you have it.  Not only can you use it to keep yourself hydrated, but it’s a perfect way to cut down on the booze bill…discreetly.  


Throw a deck of cards in that tote, and you’ll have pint-size entertainment wherever you are.  Another tiny favorite is a GoPro or some other waterproof camera.  It’s far too easy to drop your phone in a wave, and you can’t take that baby snorkeling.  It’ll be great to look back on all the fun memories as you celebrate new anniversaries.  

Lastly, bring some easy no fuss jewelry that goes with all your summer outfits.  A little sparkle can turn that daytime summer dress into perfectly dressed up dinner wear.