How to Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding

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When it seems all of your friends and family have little ones it can seem like a daunting task planning a wedding that will accommodate everyone. But have no fear! It’s a lot easier than you think. Here’s some tips to get you started.

1. Dry wedding doesn’t mean it has to be boring

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There are a lot of perks here. First of all, you can save a lot of money on drinks by offering a non-alcoholic version and secondly, most venues will offer a smaller security deposit. Plus you won’t have to look back on pictures and see who had a little too much to drink that night. We opted for a milk & cookies toast and a hot cocoa bar for our beverages at our own December wedding. You could also have a punch or even a flavored water option. Some citrus slices in a jug of water goes a long way and it’s a budget friendly option. Plus it is a great way to add some color to the beverage table!

2. Consider a kid-table! 

There are a lot of great options here. You can have a separate table just for kids complete with butcher paper tablecloths (think Macaroni Grill here complete with the crayon, maybe in your wedding colors?), coloring books, and kid friendly treats. Pinterest has literally hundreds of ideas on this. Maybe have little treat bags? We created a small gift for all the young ones at our wedding filled with toys to help keep them entertained all evening.

3. Activities to keep them busy 

Have you seen the images of an activity book as a program during the ceremony? You can fill it with custom crossword puzzles or word searches that have to do with you and your spouse and the wedding! Or coloring pages, since they’ll all the rage right now. The sky is the limit. Commission an artist (or take the plunge yourself, tracing can be your best friend) and create your own images for a coloring book! They can be of you and your spouse. How cute is that?

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4. Kid friendly treats

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How about a candy bar just for the kids? The adults can enjoy the cake or whatever dessert you decide upon but to allow for options in differences in flavor preferences, consider adding an option just for kids! This can also double as their favor, double win! Everyone is happy. You could go even beyond just candy, think Rice Krispies treats in fun shapes and colors, cookies, even popsicles for a summertime wedding.

5. Change the time

Opt for an afternoon wedding instead of an evening. You may save some money on the venue by going with a less popular time and you won’t have young families having to leave early for bed time. You’ll also be less likely to have some cranky ones during the reception. Plus I think there’s nothing better than enjoying some summer sunshine with all your friends and family. It’ll be a day to remember no matter what time you choose!


So there you have it! Having a kid-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up the glitz and the glam of your big day. Just some simple tweaks and tricks to keep the littles ones busy and everyone will leave happy with only good memories. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the adorable candid photos you’ll get back when you see all the kids having a blast at your wedding!