Garden Wedding Photos at Lairmont Manor -- Jason & Joy

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos.png

Joy & Jason & their puppers Jack decided to make the most of their wedding portraits by NOT doing them on their actual wedding day! Yep, you read that right. This is not their actual wedding day and let me tell you why they made the best choice ever. The hour before sunset is always the most glorious light of the day but often falls during dinner on your wedding day. It's usually not feasible to schedule all your wedding portraits during this time on an actual wedding day because you'd miss out on valuable celebration time with your friends & family. Joy & Jason is getting the best of both worlds by opted to spend more time with friends & family on their wedding day and shooting their wedding portraits at sunset on a day leading up to the wedding. 

Why this is a great idea:

  • More time for friends and family on the wedding day
  • No time crunch for portraits
  • We can shoot at sunset when the light is the most flattering!


Custom Designed Gown By Han Wen

Hair and makeup: Seattle beauty agency

Florals: lavassar florists

Ring: Tiffany

Suit: Nordstrom (Ted Baker)

Grooms shoes: Versace