Claire & Cody's Pine Creek Nursery Wedding

Pine Creek Nursery Wedding, Monroe. Claire & Cody. Seattle Weddi

Claire & Cody’s Pine Creek Nursery wedding was brimming with emotion and love. #KeepitTogetherCody My associates, Kimber & Christine, captured the day perfectly! #teamBJ !! The couple exchanged vows in a botanical nursery surrounded family and friends. Claire started her day with her bride tribe outfitted in silky floral robes and exchanging gifts with her mamas. Right before Claire & Cody’s first look, they stood back to back and exchanged tearful letters. As I was looking through their photos and choosing the ones for this blog, I was overcome with ‘all the feels!’ This is so poignant to me, it tells me a few things:

  1. My associates are freaking amazeballs at their ability to capture every flickering emotion of a wedding day.

  2. I may have photographed MANY weddings, but I’m not immune to the magnitude of such an occasion.

  3. These two are soulmates and will have a marriage thats lasts lifetime. <3

After creating a multitude of whimsical bride & groom photos in the greenhouse, their bridal party joined them in crisp black suits & delightfully mismatched gowns for a few photos. By the time the reception begun later that day, many tears had graced cheeks and the air was full of joy. Claire & Cody, with their guests, enjoyed a smorgasbord of delicious looking delicacies and many rounds of lawn games (Corn Hole, Giant Jenga, Ladder Toss)

Thank you, Claire & Cody, for trusting the B. Jones Team with documenting your wedding day, it was such a pleasure to document your botanical pine creek nursery wedding!