Unconventional Guest Favors

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There are many ways to thank your guests for coming.  The easiest way to do so on your wedding day is with a favor.  But, mints? That’s pretty 1994.  These days, you can pretty much turn anything into a guest favor if you put enough effort into it.  Here are some unconventional guest favors you might not have considered before.

Tree Seeds

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In the PNW, we love our playground.  And for the eco-conscious couple, this is perfect.  Flower seeds for the bees are awesome, but there is something awesome about planting a tree, and if it takes, watching it grow strong and tall.  You can get seeds here https://sheffields.com, just be sure to buy seeds that are native to the area.


Who doesn’t love a pair of aviators.  These don’t need to be really fancy, but if you are planning an outdoor summer wedding, they’ll really be appreciated.  Odds are a third of your guests forgot theirs, or didn’t feel like they could wear them to your wedding.  Plus, when they’ve had a few too many glasses of wine and lose them, they won’t be bummed.  Then donate any that are left behind to your local women’s shelter.

Homemade Jam

Whether you live in the PNW or not, I bet you have some berry fields nearby.  If they aren’t growing wild, there are u-pick farms all over the place.  Take a couple of hours one morning, pick a fruit and get picking!  You can buy the berries at the store, but there’s something pretty cool about picking it yourself.  Homemade jams are beautiful, indulgent and the jars are so easy to customize.  Pick out a couple of yards of fabric that fits your bridal colors to go under the screw top along with a small label with the flavor.  Don’t know how to go about canning it?  I guarantee your Mom/Grandma/Dad has done it before.  Enjoy an afternoon together with a bottle of Chardonnay while knocking out your guest favor.  Even if you don’t have help, canning jam is one of the easiest things to can and doesn’t require much equipment.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started Canning Jam.

Theme Books & Movies

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Did you go pick a favorite movie or book as your wedding theme? Share it with your guests!  Giving them a copy of Pride & Prejudice or Roman Holiday is a gift they can both enjoy and share with others.  The older the book or movie, the cheaper it will probably be to get copies in bulk. 


I love these because they are almost impossible to kill.  I don’t always have the greatest luck with keeping plants going, because, honestly I have other things that are more pressing.  If my plants hollered as loudly as my toddler, they’d get plenty of attention…but they don’t.  So, succulents and me, we’re buddies.  Your guests will appreciate a low-fuss plant, too.  No one wants a gift that translates to a lot of work.  A cute little succulent on their work desk that requires practically no care is just lovely.  


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Yes, you are probably already treating your guests to an open bar, but miniature bottles of whiskey or rum are pretty cool.  Wrap them in a vintage label with a personalized monogram for an extra touch.  Your guests will appreciate that you just kept them from breaking into the mini bar and paying $7 for a shot of vodka.  Or treat them to demi bottles of champagne.  Try some place like shopwinedirect.com Obviously, this kind of favor can add up in cost pretty quick, so that’s something to keep in mind. 

Hangover Kit

Sometimes your guests are going to party a little too hard.  Sometimes your Great Aunt and Uncle are going to get set up with a hotel room right next to your crazy cousin Mickey.  Either way, they’ll appreciate this one.  Set them up with a sleep mask, a single dose of ibuprofen, a ginger chew and a Gatorade.  This would be an appropriate time to throw in a mint, too.  


Tattoos aren’t really my thing, but tell me that you’ve never once at least considered getting one.  Yep, that’s what I thought.  Go minimal.  Minimalist tattoos are very popular right now, so why not let your guests try out some temporary versions of them.  These aren’t the temporary tattoos we got from the quarter machines at the supermarket.  They’re small, simple and can almost pass for the real thing.  Think geometric shapes, small hearts, little waves and delicate script.  Check them out here tattly.com 

Gourmet Coffee

Oh, coffee.  This one is so Pacific Northwest.  More often than not your guests are being treated to complimentary coffee in their hotel room.  But how about giving them a pot of coffee they’ll really enjoy.  Take it up one more step and offer them a brew from a local roaster.  Ask them to stamp your wrapping paper or buy a roll of their company stickers so your guests know where they can find more.  You’ll be supporting a local business and starting your guests off on a good note for their trip home.  Be sure to save one for yourself for your first morning as a married couple!

Donation to Charity

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If you aren’t so keen on favors, but are feeling the pressure to do something because it seems customary, or maybe you are just very giving, this is for you.  I think sometimes people don’t donate to charity because they simply haven’t considered it recently.  It isn’t that they’re stingy or selfish, people just forget.  So, here’s a feel good chance for your guests.  Give your guests a token or a paper ticket, set up a few boxes with your favorite charities written on them.  Then, your guests can “vote” for the charity of their choice and the money you would have put toward guest favors will go to those charities.  

Whatever you choose, remember that this is an element of your wedding you can have fun with.  There are no right or wrong choices here, just make it your own and your guests will appreciate the thought.