The Unplugged Wedding

What is An Unplugged Wedding? 

An unplugged wedding is a wedding where guests are asked not to use cameras, cellphones, ipads or other recording devices.

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Why Should You Consider Having An Unplugged wedding

  • Your guests will be more present & get to enjoy the day more without a device or camera in hand.

  • You eliminate the risk of having ipads/camera/cellphones blocking the photographers shot.

  • Your paying a photographer to capture your day, you don't NEED to have your guests documenting the day as well.

  • I've seen 'renegade' guests who refuse to stay out of the aisle and have blocked my shot with giant ipads.

Seattle Wedding Photographer | snohomish wedding photographer |

The exception

to the rule

One of my brides had a friend overseas in the military that couldn't make it to the wedding because of deployment. So they had their friend present via a skype call. 


What Brides are Saying about unplugged weddings

"I'm doing it!! I like the idea of telling people to put down their phones and focus on the event rather than taking pictures that we are already paying someone for."


"Someone at my wedding help up an iPad he entire ceremony. So many of my photos of me walking down the isle, you see someone standing up with an iPad "


"I'm planning on an unplugged ceremony. I want my guests to be present with us. I also don't want to look back at my wedding photos and