Wedding Favors your guests actually WANT

David & Kylie's Karma Vineyards Chelan Wedding.

If you’ve ever been there at the end of more than one wedding, you’ve probably seen the sad table stacked high with leftover guest favors. It makes me feel SO SAD… Cause you know the bride probably spent HOURS hand tying all those satin ribbons or DIY-in those favors.. And the $$$ spent. 😭😭😭 — totally could have been used on couples massages during their honeymoon instead. You get the idea. After reading this cringe worthy blurb, I figure you’ve got two options.

Option 1: Skip wedding favors all together & put the money towards something else. (Like couples massages on your honeymoon! 😍😉)

Option 2: Give your guests wedding favors they actually WANT.

But WHAT (you might ask), do guests actually want as a wedding favor? Well, I did the leg work for you via a little crowd sourcing of opinions on social media and put together a list of wedding favors your guests actually WANT.

Edible Wedding Favors

Homemade jam in tiny mason jars.

I did this at my own wedding. My mom & I made enough for every family to take one home and I found out later guests were trying to horde multiples because it was so yummy. 😄

Cake pops

People remember amazing food.

Infused Olive Oil

It could be basil, rosemary, thyme, herbs de provence. It’s the kind of favor that just feels luxurious and guests will totally be grabbing extras if they are left behind!


Consider hiring a local chocolatier to create a sample bar for guests and they can pick one to take home.

Homemade Salsa or Hot Sauce

You could even customize the labels with your photo and wedding date!

Local Honey

Support a local bee keeper AND give your guests a treat they’ll love!

Philanthropic Wedding Favors

Donate to a your favorite Charity

Make a donation to a charity with a cause you two are passionate about and share the good news on a sign next to the guest book.

Plant a Tree

A tiny sapling for each guest with a sign that says something like, “Don’t have the time to plant a tree? Leave yours behind and we’ll plant it for you!”

Fun Wedding Favors

Custom Koozie’s

with your names and wedding date. I have a few of these from weddings I’ve photographed and it brings back memories everytime I use them.

Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands

Consider hiring a whale watching charter and take your guests on an adventure for your wedding day! You could do your ceremony on the boat like this couple.

Photo Booth photos

Hiring a photo booth gives your guests entertainment and a keepsake.

A Souvenir soundtrack

It could include the first dance song, the song they walk down the aisle to, some of our favorite songs from concerts they’ve attended together, etc. If a CD feels a bit outdated, consider giving your guest a link to an online download.

Custom soap bars

Just buy full loafs and make your own labels.

Potted Succulents

House plants never go out of style. And for those with a brown thumb, these are easy to keep alive!

Wildflower Seed Bombs

They are super easy to make and even easier for guests to use. Plus, the resulting flowers are food for fuzzy little bumble bees! #savethebees