What is a Disaster Bag: and Why Every Bride Needs One

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You know the old saying “better safe than sorry”.  Well, there are few times in your life when this couldn’t be more important.  Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.  There are many more times that require an actual safety concern, but try telling a stressed out bride that and you probably won’t be getting a thank-you card in the mail for that blender you gave her.  A long time ago, someone came up with the idea of a day-of disaster bag.  Back then it was probably just referred to as a typical Mom purse, but not everyone carries duffle bags that they’re passing off as purses now.  

So, what is it?  A disaster bag is something that one of your bridesmaids should have on them at all times before you walk down the aisle.  It contains a variety of mishap-handling items and can be priceless on the big day.  One of a bridesmaid’s biggest responsibilities is handling any problems so the bride doesn’t need to.  So, bridesmaids, let’s talk.

Stitch Fix

Snags and tears happen.  They don’t happen frequently because everyone is hopefully being super careful in their dresses, but when they do you’ll be happy you have a tiny sewing kit to fix them.  This can be super minimal.  We’re talking a couple needles, some small scissors and the different shades of thread to match the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.  It’s a good idea to throw a tiny tube of super/gorilla glue in there for fixes like a broken heel or strap.  Hem tape (double sided tape) and boob tape is a good idea, too.  You don’t need a yard of it, just a few inches.  Don’t forget a couple band-aids for pesky heel blisters.  Include a couple of safety pins and straight pins for good measure.  Lastly, those little Tide stain sticks are lifesavers.  You don’t want to have to use any of this, but be like a cub scout and come prepared.

Freshen Up

This should take up the bulk of your day-of disaster bag.  Most of the time, these are the things that you’ll be reaching for.  This includes the bride’s lipstick and powder for touch-ups, oil blotting sheets for everyone, floss or toothpicks, a few Q-tips, and tissues for catching tears and smears and when the MOB starts tearing up.  Throw in a small nail file and some tweezers for those stray brows, and bobby pins for stray hair trying to escape.  Breath mints, a tampon and a travel size hair spray bottle should be in there too.  If it’s an outdoor and sunny wedding, a small tube of facial sunscreen can’t hurt.

Hungover and Dragging

Did someone enjoy a little too much wine at the rehearsal dinner last night?  You can help them get through it with a couple of aspirin and some ginger chews.  The aspirin will help calm down that pounding headache and the ginger chews are excellent for easing an upset stomach.  On the other hand, if someone just can’t seem to wake up, something like a 5-Hour Energy might be what they need.  If a quick shot of espresso isn’t at hand, this is a better option than carrying around a hot cup of coffee that is just daring you to spill a little on your not coffee colored dress.  

VIP Info

This one isn’t technically IN the disaster bag, but it should be with the bridesmaid in charge.  Most of the time the hired wedding coordinator has handled all of the phone calls and they’re taking care of all the disasters that are happening without the bride and groom ever knowing.  That taken into consideration, a bride having a coordinator-less wedding is relying on you to handle these mishaps.  Before the wedding, ask the bride to include you as a point of contact for a few key people.  She’s not going to be holding onto her phone while she’s celebrating her big day, but you should keep tabs on yours.  Have people like the limo driver, train station if they’re riding away, caterer, photographer, etc. call you on the wedding day.  This is a HUGE responsibility, but they should be able to reach someone if something goes awry.  

It is possible that you won’t reach for this bag for anything more than a lipstick touch-up, but it truly is better to be safe than sorry on such a monumental day.  Here’s your check-list!  BTW, these disaster prep bags are available to purchase fully stocked, but you probably have most of these items at home.

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The Essentials

  • Sewing Kit

  • Super glue/Hem Tape/Boob Tape

  • Safety Pins

  • Tide Stain Stick

  • Lipstick

  • Floss

  • Tissues

  • Tampon

  • Aspirin

  • Bobby Pins

  • Band-Aids

  • Hairspray

The Extras

  • Oil-blotting sheets

  • Perfume

  • Tweezers

  • Sunscreen

  • Ginger Chews

  • A mini-bottle of champagne (can’t hurt!)



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