Collections with me begin at $3,600

Collections with my associates begin at $2,495

When I roll in on a wedding day, it’ll be like greeting an old friend who you trust to make you look fabulous. I’ve got you girl. I make even the most camera shy couples look and feel radiant in front of my lens. After Katie & Nate’s wedding, they said, “My husband and I are the least photogenic people you will ever meet. From our engagement to our wedding day, she made us feel so at ease and even had us laughing most of the day.” I think a big part of making my couples feel comfortable comes from my theatre background and supremely dorky tendencies. 

Your wedding day will likely be dictated by a schedule to ensure things run smoothly. But no need to wear a watch, I got this. You’ll be able to soak in all the wedding day feels with your hubby without worrying about how much more time we have left for portraits or whether we need to be starting sunset photos soon because we’re losing light. Seriously, I’ve got you girl. All you need to do is JUST BE. I’ll ensure we capture every moment.

I know how chaotic organizing family photos can be. I don’t want that for any of my couples so I have a method for ensuring we capture every family photo combination on my couples lists as quick as possible. #GetToTheBarSooner Am I right? ;) After Vivian & Victors wedding I received this text, “Thank you so much! I love you how you took charge” 

I am also happy to be your bouncer when Aunt Debbie gets in your face 10 minutes before you walk down the aisle! I don't mind handling a sticky situation for you. I don't have to spend Thanksgiving with them! ;) 

What I offer you is more than just wedding photos, I offer you the chance to be present/calm/relaxed/joyful on your wedding day because you know I’ve got your back.

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Quick note: Dates are first come, first serve. To hire me, simply sign your digital contract and pay the $1,500 reservation fee for holding your date. I'll send you both via email. All final balances are due a minimum of 30 days before your wedding. Monthly payment plans are also available. It’s that easy!