DIY Wedding Favor Idea: Peppermint & Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub Recipe

This Peppermint & Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub is totally one of those multi-purpose gifts!

  • A wedding favor your guests will be fighting over and/or hoarding.

  • Great christmas gift for your mother in law, new sister in law or bridesmaids!

Speaking of christmas— it’s less than a week away! EEK! My guess is, you’re probably feeling like:

  • I’ve over spent and I still need to buy my mother in law something.

  • I really wanted to make something for my bestie but I am crafting-challenged.

  • I’ve finished all my christmas shopping and I would love to do a DIY project!

Let me help! scroll down for the recipe. <3

DIY christmas gift sugar scrub

A quick & easy tutorial on how to make

Peppermint & Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

What you’ll need:

♡1.5 cups of organic sugar

♡ 1/2 cup of coconut oil

♡ 1/3 cup of organic honey

♡ 6 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

♡ 6 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

♡Flip top mason jar

♡ Ribbons & Fresh Greenery (optional)


Melt to coconut oil and then combine all ingredients. Stir until combined. Transfer your yummy concoction to a small mason jar & embellish with ribbons or fresh greenery. Your new sugar scrub will keep for 3 months in the shower.

Wedding Humor Courtesy of my Mama

A little 'funny' courtesy of my mama.

One day, when I was attending Western Washington University and still living at home, I opened the fridge to find a sticky note attached to a bowl of fresh cut cantaloupe. "Cantelope without a man."

Every time I cut cantaloupe now, I smile and remember the sweet little sticky note my mama left for me. :)

Wedding Pun

Why I became a Wedding Photographer 5.5 years ago

Before I even met my future husband, I had our wedding ALL planned out. Yep. I was that girl. I was SO obsessed with weddings that I took any job that would allow me to be within the wedding industry. I started off selling engagement rings for a local jeweler and spent more time dreamily trying on rings then actually selling. #whoops Clearly, it wasn't the right job for me. ;) 

Seattle Wedding Photographer | snohomish wedding photographer |

After my brief stint in fine jewelry, I began work at one of the sweetest family own bridal shops in Bellingham, Alicia's Bridal. I LOVED being around the hustle, joy & giddyness of brides searching for their dream gowns. AND, I was always happy to volunteer to try on the newest samples that arrived in the store so the owner could 'see them on a real person.' Needless to say, I got particular REAL quick about what type of wedding dress I wanted. But I digress... 

When it was finally my turn to be the bride, I received the most beautiful photos I girl could ask for. Those photos and the experience made me feel beautiful & special...and I had SO MANY PROFILE PICS to choose from...and I received SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on my gorgeous wedding photos. At the time, many of my friends were also getting married. I heard so many stories from my girls about their 'horrible wedding photos.' It was disheartening, I believe every bride deserves to have the quality of photos & a amazing experience I had.

A month after our honeymoon, I returned to me grown-up-big-girl-insurance-company day job. ugh. Another job choice that was doing nothing for my creative spirit & need to be around weddings. As I was listening to the audio book, the 4-hr workweek and brain storming potential careers, it hit me!





I called my husband and hashed it out with him. He's so used to my 'latest obsession' phone calls that he was fairly unfazed by my latest brilliant idea. I think one of his first questions was, "how much is this going to cost?" hah!

Welp, 5.5 years later and that 'latest obsession' of becoming a wedding photographer is not only still going strong, but I'd like to not-so-humbly say, I feel like I'm doing a pretty great job!

Side note: let me dispel some myths from my earlier thoughts about becoming a wedding photographer. 

I LOVE WEDDINGS. -- Yep, still true! 

PHOTOGRAPHERS MAKE A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY. - hah! Yes I make a large gross but my take home is like 50% after business expenses & taxes. The reality of 30% of my income going to taxes is still SO DISAPPOINTING. I'd rather buy more boat shoes.

I'D ONLY HAVE TO WORK ONE DAY A WEEK!! - Nope, not even close. I work 3 hrs every day during the off season and closer to 30-40 hrs a week during wedding season. BUT, it does come with a fair amount of flexibility that means I get to stay home with my kidlets.



Football Wedding & Engagement Inspo


Plenty of time to do a little wedding planning before the game -- Check out my tips for magazine worthy engagement photos!

From Bridal Consultant --> Bride --> Wedding Photographer - I'm wedding obsessed!

I've been obsessed with weddings & LOVE & pretty bridal details since waaaay before I became a wedding photographer.


Things I've learned along my journey:

As a Bridal Consultant at Alicias Bridal

Seattle Wedding Photographer | snohomish wedding photographer |
  • Order the gown in the size you measure for, even if you plan to lose weight! It's SOOOO much easier to alter a gown smaller, it's A LOT harder to let it out. Often times, there is only an inch or so of seam to let out on a gown. 
  • Bring 1-2 people gown shopping. Too many opinions will make the experience stressful and it's often hard to decide when you have to factor in so many voices. 

As a Bride: 

  • Hire a day of coordinator. She took care of EVERY detail on the wedding day and I got to be blissfully unaware of any issues. <3
  • Do as many photos as you can BEFORE the ceremony. Our day felt relaxed & carefree because we didn't have to cram all our photos into the 1 hr between the ceremony & reception. 
  • During our cocktail hour, we opted to spend 20 min together on the beach sipping drinks and just reveling in the magic of being freshly married. It was one of the best parts of our wedding day. My advice: if you can, take a few minutes to be together without cameras or guests.

As a Wedding Photographer: 

  • Once you book your photographer, ask them to create a timeline for you. Having a timeline at the beginning of your planning process makes your wedding vision tangible. Being able to share this timeline with all your wedding vendors at the beginning makes the whole process run smoother and ensures everyone is on the same page. 
  • Go all out for your engagement photos! Buy the longest/most fabulous gown you can afford and get your hair & makeup professionally done! These photos are going to be displayed in your home for a lifetime....and all over social media. Get dolled up, jus' sayin'.

About The B. Jones Bride

The #bjonesbride loves any and all of the following: 

Kayak Point Engagement. Snohomish Engagement Photographer.
  • Kate Spade 

  • The color mint

  • All things nautical 

  • Glitter and/or Sequins

  • Seahawks Fans 

  • Wedding Magazines

  • Golden Retrievers 

  • Receiving Christmas cards 

  • The Show "Fixer Upper" 

  • Hiking

  • Boating


Celebrate Your Engagement With a Free Mini Session!

Free mini sessions with every consultation - if you love the photos and book your wedding, you get all the digitals from the session free!


2017 Pick for The Knot's Best of Weddings

Just received the best email!! 

As Seen in Elle Magazine Weddings

Somebody pinch me!! An image from our "Love in Motion" styled shoot featuring the Pantone 2016 colors of the year (Serenity & Rose quartz) was featured by ELLE MAGAZINE in the "25 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Tablescapes" Check it out here!

As Seen in elle Magazine Weddings- Rose Quartz & Serenity

Want to see more? Click the image below!

Featured in 2015- It's been a good year!

It's been a memorable year at B. Jones Photography. I feel blessed to have been published so many times, but it's really all thanks to my couples & the talented vendors I've had the pleasure of working with. The couples & vendors have created the most beautiful weddings, engagement & shoots for me to photograph. It's been a pleasure collaborating with you all in 2015. <3 Thanks for choosing me! 

DIY Project: Infinity Scarf Camera Strap

This what happens you you ACCIDENTALLY wake up at the crack of awn (4:45) and the baby wont be up for another 3 hours. You do a DIY project! 

I was on the bloom theory camera strap website swooning over $100+ scarf camera straps and thinking about making an impulse buy when I thought, "I COULD TOTALLY MAKE THAT!" 

I tip toed into the master closet (while my handsome hubby was snoozing) and grabbed an infinity scarf that I loved and had only worn a few times. (I got it for $12 on zoolily!) and this is what I did

  1. Cut the scarf in half. Roughly 32 inches long
  2. Scrunched the end into a ball and put two stitched to secure the scrunches.
  3. I cut two pieces of seersucker fabric with pinking sheers (4x2inches) and looped them through my clasps and sewed them into the scrunched ends of the scarf. I would double stitch this portion to ensure it's secure!
  4. cut two more pieces of seersucker fabric (4X2 inches) with pinking sheers. Fold each one in half along the short edge and put a stitch in it so you've got two loops
  5. Put each loop over the place where the scarf the and seersucker clasps attach. Then hand stitch a to secure your loop. SUPER EASY! and you're done!
DIY Scarf Camera Strap

Behind the Scenes: Creating Movement

Here's a little behind the scenes sneak peek of our styled shoot on Whidbey Island at Ebey's Landing.

I'm all about creating authentic looking movement.

Ebey's Landing Beach Wedding. Whidbey Island Wedding Photographe

For these shots, the bride was wearing a GORGEOUS YSA Makino gown from MeaMarie Bridal. For this shot, I had the bride grad a generous handful of the detachable skirt and told her to look down and "swish the dress." This created effortless movement that looks authentic & beautiful. 

Toss the dress! Rachelle from MeaMarie Bridal helping out.

Toss the dress! Rachelle from MeaMarie Bridal helping out.

For this shot, I setup the pose and then had Rachelle from MeaMarie toss the train into the air & then jump out of the shot. With a little bit of cropping and light photoshopping, we were able to create a seamless looking shot. 


Photography: B. Jones Photography

Gown: Mea Marie Bridal

Hair: Brooklyn Matthysse

Makeup: Elizabeth Marie Makeup

Suit: The Formal House

Bouquet: Flirty Fleurs

EARRINGS: Heid Hull Designs

Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower

Seattle Wedding Photographer | snohomish wedding photographer | Pacific Northwest Wedding | Bellingham Wedding Photographer | Woordinville Wedding Photographer | Lake Chelan Wedding PHotographer | Orcas Island Wedding Photographer | San Juan Island WEdding PHotographer | B. Jones Photography Fine Art Wedding. Authentic. Affordable. Award winning. Best in the northwest

When your bride and her bestie own a wedding rental company, you KNOW her shower is going to be spectacularly curated! Well let me tell you, this Kate Spade bridal shower DID NOT disappoint. Every detail was carefully crafted and styled.

The highlights for me would be:

  • Mini Pancake towers with pom pom toothpicks

  • Oversized Bow Headband Props for the photo booth

  • Artisan Cookies baked special by the brides sister in law

  • A homemade naked cake by the brides soon to be mother

  • A giant wall mounted chalkboard with impressive chalked calligraphy by the bride

  • A sparkly gold sequin dessert table that also served as a backdrop for many of the detail shots

  • DIY Mimosa Bar with thoughtfully coordinated labels

  • Bridal Shower Bingo on Kate Spade inspired stationary

But I think what I love most of all is that the bride & her bestie/maid of honor dreamed up this shower in such a way that they could share it with other Kate Spade Obsessed brides. This gorgeous shower decor set is available for rental through Snohomish Rental Co with is jointly owned by these two.

Stacy & Ashley are graciously offering to rent this bridal shower decor set to any girl with a Kate Spade obsession.

For more information, check out snohomish rental co:


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