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Kevin & Lana's foodie inspired wedding

Blue Ribbon Cooking & Culinary Center | Seattle, Wa

From the Bride

How They Met: Me and Kevin actually worked at a club together and he was my boss so at that moment I did not think we would even date since we worked together but when I saw him I was like I want to get to know him. Kevin was shy so he thought I was just flirting just to do it like he said in his vows on our wedding day he never thought i would talk to him but I did end up texting him and told him how i felt and the next day he took me to his car while we were at work and he brought me chicken nuggets and a beer and from there i knew that he is what Ive been looking for at first i maked sured that i was hard to get but from that day on August 16th 2013 to the first date on the space needle our love for each other started to bloom.It was like love at first sight it was like connection between us was there in the moment we looked at each other.

Proposal Story: I remember this day as it was like yesterday we went to this country music festival that happens every year at the beginning of August Kevin has been going for quite few years but this was my first time I was 34 weeks pregnant with our baby boy so i was in pain half of the time but he sure took care of me well on third day of the festival August 2nd me and Kevin were sitting at our camp site goofing around and I made a commit if you like it put a ring on it not knowing this whole time he had the ring in his hand so he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him on the day we were going to listen to our favorite band it was so special and magical i cried a little. 

Favorite Details: I really loved how my entry table was and how beautiful it turned out to be i also loved our table set up the colors were beyond beautiful and it was everything i wanted.

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Favorite Moment of the Day: My favorite moment is when Kevin watched me walked down the alter with his Father and how happy he was to see me and when he told me his vows without even writing them down he did all from his heart it was so magical and of coarse the first dance those are my favorite and our kiss.

Advice for Future Brides: One thing is make sure you have your wedding photographer there for all the moments because i made a mistake of not having you there for a lot of things so capture those moments because they are what you will cherish forever. 

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony & Reception & Wedding Planner & Florist & Cake :  Blue Ribbon Cooking

DJ: Kevin Frees

Gown & Accessories & Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal

Mens Wear: Men's wearhouse